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About Us

About Us


We have always had a strong passion for finding the perfect cup of coffee.  Our home kitchen looks like a coffee shop with so many different ways to brew coffee, we had to try them all.   One day while researching different coffee regions it registered, it’s all in the bean. Now sure, brewing and roasting methods help enhance the flavor,  but all that delicious hints of flavor are grown in the bean itself. So we set on our mission to bring to you some of the worlds most flavorful coffee.

Single-Origin Specialty Coffee

Single-Origin Specialty Coffee come from different growing regions from around the world, each coffee growing region has its own flavor profile depending on where it is produced.  The difference is that most blended coffee's on the market today, while some do give you a good cup, but you lose the natural flavors of the coffee itself because of the blend.  All of our Coffee will give you different flavors and profiles,  and come from some of the world best coffee growing regions.   

Gourmet Specialty Flavored Coffee. 

One day it dawned on us that wow we were missing this in our shop.  So we gathered up some of the classic flavors and some pretty outrageous ones too and went to work.  After many trials and errors we came out with some wonderful Gourmet Flavored Coffee,  From the classic's too outrageous we went all out.  




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