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Cold Brew Craze

Summertime is here and cold brew coffee is hot hot hot.  You can see cold brew everywhere, from your local coffee shop to the supermarket shelves.  Cold brew coffee is different than your traditional Iced coffee.  Traditional iced coffee is just that coffee that is brewed then cooled and served on ice.  Cold brew coffee is made using cold water and the coffee grounds steep in the cold water overnight to create a super smooth cold coffee concentrate.  

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What makes cold brew so smooth?  Glad you asked,  regular brewing methods for hot coffee and iced coffee use hot water to extract the coffee oils from the grounds producing a slight acidity in the brew.  Cold brew is steeped in cold water for a longer period of time so it slowly extracts the oils producing a far smoother brew.

So how you make cold brew

  • First, start off with a great selection of coffee (like the ones you can find here),  Grind your coffee coarsely, like for a french press,  fine ground coffee will leave a lot of grounds left in the brew.
  • Grab your favorite container, mason jar, french press, or any glass container you can cover,  it doesn't have to be a fancy brewer to make a great cold brew.
  • Add to the container approximately 3/4 cup of grounds to every 4 cups of water,  You can add more or less depending on what meets your taste.
  • Pour in your cold filtered water,  (filtered water is best to brew any coffee in our opinion)  you can use tap water too we're just coffee snobs lol.
  • Stir the grounds and coffee grounds until mixed,  cover the container and let it sit for at least 4 hours,  overnight is best gives you a much richer brew.

After your cold brew has steeped now its time to strain it,

If you have used a French Press great news its easy from here just push down the strainer and there you have it.

Non-French press users grab yourself a funnel or we use the filter basket for our coffee pot, put a filter in the basket or funnel, place over a new container and pour out the ground mixture.

There you have it a smooth cold brew coffee.  Add your favorite condiments and some ice, sit back on the porch and enjoy.  For an added kick try making a cold brew with Gourmet Flavored Coffee.

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